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ACEA provides innovative cell analysis instrumentation for life sciences, including basic research, drug discovery & development, and clinical diagnosis; and it is the first Chinese local company who has launched CFDA approved flow cytometer. Meanwhile ACEA also focuses on innovative drug development in the fields of cancer and autoimmune diseases, with the 3rd-generation EGFR inhibitor and BTK inhibitor in clinical stage approved by CFDA and FDA respectively.

Ausun Pharma is specialized in research and development of high-value Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and generics. It is the largest prostanoid product provider worldwide with high quality, and has Class 1.1 new drugs for cerebral infarction in clinical phase. 

Betta Pharma is a leading fully-integrated biotech company in China. It is also one of the most successful Chinese biotech companies over the last decade. 

BrightGene is a leading Chinese company focused on development and manufacturing of high value complex API, with facilities certified by FDA, EMA and cGMP.

CITIC Pharma was one of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device distributors in China. It was acquired by Shanghai Pharma (SHSE:601607 / HKSE:02607) in 2011.

CanSino is one of the most promising human-vaccine companies in China, and it is the first Chinese vaccine company conducting clinical trials overseas.


Chipscreen Biosciences is a leading fully-integrated biotech company in China. It is also one of the most successful Chinese biotech companies over the last decade. 


CPC Scientific is the first Asian peptide supplier who has obtained FDA certification. It was acquired by Xinbang Pharma(SZSE 002390) in 2015. 

Crown bioscience is the largest preclinical contract research organization (CRO) company in China with strong expertise in oncology and metabolic disease.

CVie is a leading Chinese specialty pharmaceutical company for treatment of orphan indications.

FMD is the only domestic clinical CRO company who can provide fully integrated service which meets global standards. It is also one of the largest Chinese clinical CRO companies.

Ginkgo is a clinical-staged biotech company focusing on R&D of innovative Direct-Acting Antiviral against hepatitis C, with the most advanced NS3/4A inhibitor among local companies in China.

HD Biosciences is the largest biology CRO company in China whose client base covers 8 out of the top 10 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Hitales is specialized in digitalizing, standardizing and structuring the medical data in China and enhances the efficiency and usage of clinical research data for healthcare practitioners. 

Huawe is the largest generics CRO company in China and provides the clients with fully integrated service including discovery, research, registration, clinical and CMO/API.


IMPACT Therapeutics is an innovative biotech company focused on R&D in PARP inhibitora (Class 1.1 new drug) for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancer with global IP.

Innovent is a leading biotech company focused on the R&D and manufacturing of biologics which meets the FDA, EMA and cGMP certification requirements. Innovent has inked the largest collaboration agreements between local Chinese companies and MNCs ( Innovent-Eli Lilly deals valued up to $1.56B).

Kechow Pharma (Binjiang) is an innovative biotech company focused on R&D of MEK inhibitora (Class 1.1 new drug) for the treatment of lung and colorectal cancer with global IP.

Kawin is a China’s leading specialty-pharma company focused on liver diseases.

Ketai Medical is a medical device company focused on introduction, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative and FDA-approved prosthetic hip and knee joint implants for the China market.

Just Biotherapeutics is focused on innovative manufacturing of biologics including antibodies and vaccines, and develops next-generation antibodies. It is targeted to be the first Chinese company who captures the next-generation biologics manufacturing technology and meets FDA and EMA standard.

MabSpace is a biotech company focused on discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies in the fields of oncology, metabolic diseases and autoimmune diseases.

MicroTech is specialized in development of diabetes related products such as insulin pump and blood glucose monitor.

Milliin Medical is a high-tech company focused on developing and distributing hemodialysis equipment and devices, as well as providing hemodialysis medical service to patients. 

Novast is one of the largest and most established Chinese companies who have passed FDA certification and commercialized generics and specialty drug products in the US market.

PINS Medical is a high-tech medical device company which focuses on developing, manufacturing and commercializing neuromodulation devices in China, including DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) and VNS(Vagus Nerve Stimulation). 

Sinqi is the largest local Chinese company in the field of ophthalmology prescription drugs.


Omni Pharmaceutical is a leading pharmaceutical company focused on the R&D and manufacturing of generic inhalation products for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma and is one of the most advanced companies in development of inhalation products worldwide.


Veritas was founded by Dr. George Church, who is Professor in Harvard Medical School and a world renowned forerunner in genetics, together with other world-class management team members. Veritas is focused on development of genetic diagnostic products for US and Asian population. 


3sBio is a leading Chinese biotechnology company and has accumulated rich experiences in R&D, manufacturing and commercialization of biology products. 3sBio is the second largest biotech company in China ranking by revenue. 3sBio went IPO in Hongkong Stock Exchange and it was the third largest IPO event in 2015 worldwide.

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